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We Operate your business with peace of mind.

LPT Retail Management Services is a retail management service company that offers a unique management service in the convenience store industry.  The company manages/operates convenience stores, Car Washes, Truck Stops, Quick Lubes and Fast Food Restaurants for financial lending institutions, oil companies, individuals, local & national wholesalers, and receiverships.  

The company's founders are experienced professionals in the convenience store industry with over 130 years of combined experience with clients such as Shell Oil, BP, ExxonMobil, Morgan Stanley and GMAC.  LPT is ready to step in and offer turnkey services consisting of operating a convenience store, car wash, and truck stop anywhere in the U.S., within a moment’s notice, for as long as its services are needed.  These services include Operations, Marketing, Fuel Management, Survey Analysis, Accounting, Payroll, I.T. to existing sites, the reopening of closed locations, and opening of new locations.
“When a management team with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for bad economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact.”
                                          - Warren Buffet
The Market
The convenience retail store industry has seen remarkable growth over the last three decades.  In 1979, there were only 57,700 convenience stores located in either gas station or stand alone stores in the United States, while in 2008, the convenience store industry capped out at 146,294. The 2010 closing report show the store count to be at 144,541.  This was a reduction of over 1,700 locations, a -1.2% decline in less than two years.  The industry in the past two years has seen a complete reversal.  The latest reports expect 2011 to have an even larger decline in store counts.  This decline is driven by fluctuating gas prices and many retailers, especially single convenience store owners, not being able to keep up with the expenses and operating at a profit. 

Retail Management
The key element in the need for Retail Management Services is when the property owners (Client) are left with an abandoned convenience store due to a failing owner/operator, who no longer wants to operate the business.  It is at this moment, when our clients find themselves in desperate need for our services, that they are impressed with our ability to respond within hours of the call anywhere in the U.S. It's been the regular industry practice for lending institutions or oil companies to allow the existing operator to continue operating the business until a solution has been decided.  In most cases, this gives the operator more time to pilfer through the business in an attempt to retrieve their losses.

LPT's Retail Management Services has become an important "Plan B" option, which our clients have never had before.  Now, when financial institutions or oil companies fall into a failing store operator, they can count on LPT's Retail Management Service to secure their million dollar asset until a solution has been planned out without duress. 

As the housing market has shown for the past three years, the overwhelming amount of home foreclosers has literally paralyzed mortgage lending and the real estate industry.  Without a plan or a solution homes were abandoned, causing home values to plummet as low as 50% of the original cost affecting everything and everyone.  The c-store industry is now beginning to experience a similar problem, as the housing market has done.  However, when a convenience store is closed and abandoned, damages are greater.  This is due to the value of commercial property which is based on many factors such as the real estate (property) and goodwill (sales).  These factors can make the depreciated value drop as low as 90% of the original cost.